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Cabinet painting in  Vancouver.

NEVER paint your kitchen cabinets! ( yourself )

In this video - we spray 2k poly from Milesi on maple kitchen cabinets 2 sides in 1 day + all the boxes. This is what we professionally do every day - cabinet refinishing in Vancouver BC. Going in depth through the process I show how to update kitchen cabinets without replacing them. If you're planning kitchen renovation - this is a great inexpensive renovation that basically gives you the best ROI. Also if you're refinisher yourself - I'll be happy if this brings you any value and you learn something for yourself. As we all know kitchen remodel tricks are countless and Tools used: Sagola Air Assisted Airless, Surfprep Sanders Milwakee and Mirka Sanders Graco 390 Airless 208 fflp tip (for shellac primer)kitchen reno on a budget

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