Protect the charm of your wooden siding, doors, window frames, and decks with our expert staining services. Let Constanta Group be your partner in preserving and enhancing these treasures from the weather. When you choose us, we'll work to bring back the beauty of your wood, keeping it safe for years to come.
01 Reviving Exterior Wood Finishes
Typically, our process begins with a gentle stripping technique to reveal the wood's natural base. When stripping isn't needed, we opt for a soft-wash to cleanse the wood, followed by a scuff sanding to ensure optimal adhesion. One thing you won't find us doing? Pressure-washing, as this irreversible process alters the integrity of your wood.
02 Multiple-coat system
After all the careful preparation work, we'll gently apply the stain and top coat to your project. Our most popular stain system includes stain coat, and top coat.
03 Enhancing Doors with Staining
For your doors, our process begins with careful masking or removal of hardware, followed by stripping or dustless sanding to rejuvenate the wood.

To facilitate drying, we'll temporarily remove any weather stripping, ensuring your door can be closed securely. Next, we apply the stain and top coat.
04 Refreshing your deck standing
Revive your outdoor oasis with our expert exterior Deck Staining services. We start by meticulously stripping, cleaning, and sanding the surface for optimal absorption. Whether it's a fresh coat or maintenance, we apply two coats of stain. The result? A stunning deck ready to impress guests or offer you a tranquil retreat. Trust us to bring new life to your outdoor space.
05 Interior Staining
Thinking of adding some charm to your doors, window trim, or baseboards? You're in the right place.

For most projects, a quick scuff-sand and two coats of tinted clear coat is all it takes. If needed, we'll discuss options like stripping or a three-coat stain system. And don't worry about painted wood – we've got you covered with our paint stripping and refinishing services. Let's bring new life to your interiors together!